Hard work can be really good news.

Don’t be discouraged by how much work there is to do these days…

  • It is encouraging to be a part of a group of 50 white people working through Resmaa Menaken’s “My Grandmother’s Hands”. It is encouraging because it is good news that work can be done, healing can happen, and we can create new spaces for recovering from the awful sickness of racism.
  • It feels like really good news that my Sunday morning church group has so much work to do. We don’t just read the Bible and get static information or instruction, we pour over these ancient words, chew them up, recover them from bad imaginations, and are shaped by the work we do together. The work itself changes us. It is alive and we are part of it. It makes us a community and it is good.
  • This year I miss being with my Burner community that spends so much time and effort building up a beautiful, massive piece of art to burn down every year. Its hard work but it really does shape who we are.

Don’t be discouraged by how much work there is to do these days….it means there’s new community waiting to happen in your life.

.. Just make sure you are working on beautiful things.