Words for white people from a penitent racist.

Racism is not a problem for black people to solve. Its a disease white people have and it is necrotic and debilitating for every 👏🏿 single 👏🏻 human 👏🏽.

The work of justice, of ending oppression is just the first of many steps We need need to take… I need to take… for our own healing and recovery.

I want my full humanity back. I want to live as God made me. I want to begin to heal the ties between all my brothers and sisters. I want forgiveness where I can get it, demonstrated and worked out over time, I want restoration and most of all I want my black brothers and sisters to live in peace. Its time.

So yes, I am willing to be part of an uprising, but not because I think I am right or better than others. Its because I see my own racism. It is precisely because I know I am broken and have lived in a way that hurt others even when I didn’t mean to… and sometimes when I did.

I am willing to raise my voice and yell to get your attention because I can’t go on living with my own illness. I’ll save my tears for private. Today it is time to yell. If I am yelling at you, understand that it is because I believe in my healing … and I believe in yours. Even yours Derek Chauvin, even yours Donald Trump. You’re sick like me. Get better. Start. Getting. Better. Now.

And that healing begins with a stroke of justice. It BEGINS with peace for Black Americans.

I say it because it is NOT something my life and actions have always said… I say it to make up for lost time. I say it because every soul needs healing. #AllSoulsNeedHealing, I say it because it is true and it is what God is saying to us now … #BlackLivesMatter.

White friends, take some time and tell me -or some trustworthy white friends- why YOU need to say #blacklivesmatter now. Admitting we have a problem is the first step to recovery.