• Be the Burn You Want to See in the World: The way the week before Burning Flipside makes me want to change the world.

     (dedicated to my dear friends from RedCamp) This year will be my eighth year at Burning Flipside.   While I certainly have a lot of amazing memories and moments (like, I dunno, burning a two story hula dancer for example?) my favorite time at flipside is always the hours right at  dusk.  Things quiet down just a little as people return to their camps to get a little grub, cover themselves in paint, fetch their poi for fire dancing, grab all the fabulous they can fit in a  fanny pack,  and rinse the cup to carry with them.   It is a moment of both frantic scrambling around and wild…

  • 29 Days of Hope: World AIDS Day, We Do Not Have To Settle for the Spirit of Death

    I graduated a semester early from high school and tried getting work as an actor.  I was cast in an educational film which provided the opportunity to meet a person with AIDS for the first time.  Something clicked in me and I felt an enormous deep inner compulsion to held ease the suffering, for at the time the best treatments would only add a handful of painful years to one’s life. That was then …


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