Friends, With Benefits

Christian Resources: 
Tara Van de Wiele’s Knitting Benedict, a way of meditating on the rule of St Benedict while make life by hand 
Kyla Cofer’s, Kyla’s Joy,  musings on life and womanhood as a young Christian. 
Scot Savage’s Two Empty Hands, is full of pastoral and theological insights
Matt Cromwell, The Church-State Guy, watching religious issues in public life. 
Dr. David J, Dunn’s Theological Blog Orthodox theologian with keen contemporary insights
Kallie Markle,  “a writer of increasing worth,”  a  creative essayist.
Rev. Matt Boulter’s, Religiocity, An informed and insightful pastoral blog and review
Burning Culture Blogs – PG13
Burning Man’s official blog
Burner Culture blog at
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