29 Days of Hope: Day 14, The Beginning is Near!

Apocalypse. We live in apocalyptic times.  The earth has a fever. The hemispheres have grudges. The Hatfields are back to hating the McCoys.  Everything is “occupied.” Our rivers have dried. Our streets have flooded.  Our earth has shaken and given way. Tea parties are more likely to have guns than cucumber sandwiches and if there wasn’t already a class/holiday/drug war, we sure seem like we want there to be one.  It all seems apocalyptic and we may be right about that, but things are far from over…

The word apocalypse now conjure images of limping zombies or barricades and bunkers… and maybe Tina Turner in a Thunderdome.  An apocalypse, technically, is just a revelation.  It is a clarification of things, a pulling back of the veil.   Maybe that is the kind of apocalypse we are having; it may not be the ‘Apocalypse,’ but it could be an apocalypse.

Consider this: It’s flu season and there are the dreaded moments when your sniffles are too sniffly and your warmth is too warmthy to deny that something has officially tipped the scales and made you not well.  There is a point once you acknowledge you are just going to be sick that you start watching for signs as to how sick.   It is the fever, the coughing, the sneezing and the aching that we hate so terribly much, but it is the very essence of those things that is setting our bodies right.

I believe the chaos of our day is not the end approaching.  I think it just feels like the end of the world, just like when you have an awful case of the flu.  It hurts.   The pain, however, is a sign that our magical organism of the body has, without our consent started to make things better.   The pain of our world today may just be a sign that creation is groaning, and without our consent, started to make things better.

So if the days get dark, get lots of rest, drink lots of fluids, pray for your enemies, love your neighbor …and call me in the morning.  One way or another there will be one.


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