Random Acts of Cry-ness

I’m that guy. If crying were illegal I’d already have a life sentence. I won’t lie its embarrasing… and I am an ugly crier, to boot. Not too long ago I figured if  tried to bottle it up I shall surely burst leaving brain matter bits all about and calling for an otherwise preventable clean-up on aisle three. The new trick I am working with instead is to cry about the right things. Somethings in this life are moving. Some are horrific and I think sometimes, when the US bombs Lybia or when hungers ravages lives, someone should be crying. Every once in awhile my heart gets it right …or at least my eyes do. For better and worse, somethings are worth crying over.

Here I will keep track of some of the more interesting things worth a sniffle, a snot, or genuine mourning.  I write all this down because, like I said, I am just trying to listen. I hope it helps us all see things a little differently and I hope it makes you laugh it me… just to keep things balanced.


I spent the afternoon making supply bags for people who may be homeless or forr whatever reasons are having to beg.   My friend, his two kids and I put Scope, socks, snacks and bandages in sacks to hand out as gifts whenever we come across people who are in some kind of need.   I was trying to explain to the eelementary age kids why it matters when other people are suffering and what God thinks about it.    Of course I cried then.    I cried again later when I found out they like to ride with a bag in their laps ready to go if needed.    They go looking for ways to love.   #teachyourchildrenwell


There are so many touching memes out there I don’t know where to begin.   Too much time you tube can somtimes have the same effect on me as listening to Bonnie Rait’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” on an infinite loop for more than an hour.   But today I saw a video of  a group that flash mobbed this 9 year old kid’s hhome made arcade.   Some flash mobs make you laugh, som emake you laugh at people.   Some are just people trying to make someone’s day.   Yep.   Pull the hanky from the dryer…. I am going under.


Tonight on the bus, A 16 year old girl was not feeling well. She laid her head on her mother who felt her forehead and prayed for her to feel better. she did not feel perfect, but I could tell she felt better. The love and hope of a mother touching your forehead is magic.


A gentleman saw me wearing my protective boot on my foot today.  The bus was crowded.   He offered me his seat.


Handmade Valentine from my God Daughter.  Smushy 2 year old hand prints on construction paper.   Are you kidding me?  wonderful.    I will alsways belong to you my dearest Ryn…


1) I took a step today.  I was keenly aware of everyone who operated on me, took my X-Rays, understood them.  I am aware of a company’s decision to provide excellent health care.  I am aware of nurses, awesome nurses who cared about my recovery pain. I am aware of my funny and loving physical therapists.  I am aware of my friends who prayed for me, picked me up from the hospital, pushed my wheelchair, put my chair in their trunk, took me to a movie, made me food, sat with me, played games with me.   a LOT of love went into my foot.  It would be wrong not to cry.

2) The end of AIDS is closer than ever. Its taken 3 decades but we have done well.


Darn those Muppets. So !)  I am at a theater that serves nachos, 2) with a beautiful big eyed 4 week old at the baby friendly viewing of 3) the Muppets with 2 new artist friends, at a 4) great theater that puts together hysterical preview clips before the show even begins so I laugh non stop until 5) they sing Rainbow Connection.    I am doing my best to Not let Heather or Andre see me do the sneaky wipe-my-cheek-like-I-am-fixing-my-glasses-trick.   What was I thinking…   Who am I kidding.   Walter is a good manly Muppet.

Today I keep seeing these violent images from Egypt of people craving freedom, and not just freedom to choose which fast food restaurant to eat at. They want to go shopping without facing tanks and smoke. We are expecting riots here in the states on Friday at the local big box stores. #notthesame


That lady helped me cross the street with perfect dignity. Wow. I needed the help. I cried the rest of the way to my appt. Thanks


Today is the day of my Goddaughter’s baptism.  I have been picking things out to give her from my own heritage: A gift from India where I worked with Mother Teresa (mmmm hmm), the autobiography of the women who prayed for me my whole life (sniff), my favorite painting from L’Arche. (whimper), a sacred heart from my best friend (tears) and a little bible from my grandparents gave me for my first Christmas (sobbing, snotting,).   Are you kidding me?  What a heritage. . You have been very loved Doug Harrison.  And you will be too Amarynth Perkins.

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  1. Crying is the best thing in the world. It washes all those crazy, bottled up emotions away and just seems to make things better. Or bring things into a better light. Love you Dougie.

  2. Doug –
    Thank you for your vulnerability. This is a lovely list illustrating an important content section of your blog. About once a quarter I will find myself driving down the highway and bursting into tears for no apparent reason other than that something inside me needs to respond to the difficulty and sorrow in the world and in my own life, and it tells me that I have not been attentive to my soul.
    You offered me another good reminder to listen to my sacred heart. Thanks brother.

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